Lisa Miller writes about business, marketing and sales.

Lisa Miller has been consulting organizations and leaders, since 1999 on strategic and effective ways to innovate and optimize their operations, grow revenues and increase profitability.

She has been an innovative disruptor to utilize and create new technology to solve challenges. Lisa is known as being someone who always asks the question “what if we did it differently?” This type of thinking has garnered her several patents and technology used by organizations world-wide.

Lisa Miller believes that innovation is driven on the front-lines, and that any business or healthcare organization will gain key strategic opportunities for growth when they have a front line driven strategy. She has creative vision,  is able to implement on these new ideas and is easily able to collaborate with decision makers when it comes to thinking about their thinking.

Strategic Reading with Lisa T. Miller Strategic Reading Books

Getting Things Done by David Allen
Manage the commitments of others before their avoidance creates a crisis.

Strategic Reading with Lisa T. MillerStrategic Reading Books

How To Begin by Michael Bungay Stanier
A good process is a thing of beauty. It’s loose enough that you can make it feel your own and tight enough to save you from distractions; it gives you someof what you want and reveals what you didn’t know you needed, and it has an eleganceand simplicity that makes it approachable. A good process is scalable. That means it’s understandable, can be taught and learned, and can be spread. You can take it, adapt it, and make it your own.

Strategic Reading with Lisa T. MillerStrategic Reading Books

The Coaching Habit
You might have to come up with a brilliant way to fix the challenge your team is talking about. However, the challenge they’re talking about is most likely not the real challenge that needs to be sorted out. They could be describing any number of things: a symptom, a secondary issue, a ghost of a previous problem which is comfortablely familiar, often a half-baked solution to an unarticulated issue.

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Really, really good consultants are, unfortunately rare. The really good ones understand the businesses with whom they work at a deep level, they build lasting relationships with their clients, and--most importantly--they care. Lisa brings all of those traits and so many more to the work that she does. She is one of the smartest, kindest, and most compassionate people I know. Any business will be exceedingly fortunate to work with her.
Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD
Hurlbert Consulting Group